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I've split this page into several.  I keep getting more material.  The original page, with the original pictures is preserved below.  

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Hurricane Ivan 2004 - Page 2 - The Altar

The early aerial photos that were taken by Jeff Kent for Fox 8 News in New Orleans still appear below.  If you are looking for links to additional pictures, I have compiled this list.  If you have other links, please let me know using the form at the bottom of the page. is the website for Santa Rosa County.  has current pictures.
Pensacola Beach Living has some more pictures, mostly of Pensacola. has pictures of some rental properties. Has many pictures of Navarre and a few other areas. has a few shots. has pictures from Josh Pello and Mike Flick has a single page of pictures
Webshots has several alblums: has information for Navarre Beach Residents
NOAA Put up some aerial photography, but none of Navarre.  The pictures are interesting anyway, and they show the sand migration.

I've put this page up because I know many people are trying to find out if their homes still exist at all.  This is all I have.  Just a short piece of video that aired on Fox 8 News in New Orleans.  The footage was taken by my brother in law, Jeff Kent, in a helicopter.  There is more footage, but I don't have it.  I took screen shots of the TV, and that's all I have at this point.  My email is full of people asking me if their houses are still there, and I just don't know.  I've taken screen shots of the video that I do have, and while the resolution is really crummy, maybe someone will recognize something.  The images also show the general conditions on the island.  I am familiar with only little parts of the island, although I've been going there for a few years now.  I hope this is useful to someone. 

I know that it's really frustrating, horrifying, depressing, and maddening not to know what has happened to a place that you really love.  I wish that the images were better.  I wish that there was more.  I wish I could tell everybody exactly what shape their house is in - but I can't.  This will have to do.  Even if I knew the island better and actually knew all the streets and all the addresses, there are only so many seconds of video, and it is well represented here.  The resolution is lousy.  That's the breaks, and I'm sorry.  I'm REALLY sorry that I don't have more.  I love the place too, and I've spent many days buried in the sand, and many long late nights walking along the beach and skinny dipping in the moonlight.  It really hurts my feelings to look at any of this.  Not just the houses, but the ecological devastation as well.  If they let us rebuild, I hope that everybody will consider putting a lot of effort into bringing back the ecology of the island.

I have a few additional links.  These are listed below.


Fort Pickens.  Surrounded by water.

Pensacola Beach.  That's the water tower top center.  The boardwalk is missing its planks.

Pensacola Beach again.

Pensacola Beach

More Pensacola Beach

The Church in Pensacola.  At least I think that's the Church.

I think that this is Pensacola as well.

Pensacola Beach?  I'm not sure.

I'm not sure where this is.

The house at the left is the McCollough house.  I'm never sure how to spell that.  The house with the silver roof is 7713 Gulf Blvd. on Navarre Beach.  You can see that the phone poles are down, and Gulf Blvd is either washed away or buried.  I suspect washed away.  There is about two feet of sand missing, as is obvious from looking at the bottom of the McCollough house.  The house next to 7713 is the Fahey house.  The siding is mostly gone and the roof is gone in places down to the plywood, but it is intact.  The four-plex next to that is the Seagull I believe.  It survived Opal with a little less damage than this, IIRC. 

Fahey's siding is definitely gone, but his windows look pretty good.

Flying over.  No dunes...  Windows still look good.  Seagull 2, I think, is visible in the bottom right.

Here is another shot of the same houses.  The house at the top is 7713 - the Kent's place.  You can see that the stairways are gone, and about two feet of sand is missing.  The concrete driveway underneath is gone.  The beach is gone, and the water is about 15 feet from the front of the house.  The Fahey place lost siding and shingles, but the decks are still there.  The same goes for the four-plex next door.  The metal roofs definitely survived MUCH better than shingles.  Look at those decks, though.  There weren't any decks left on the four-plex after Opal.

Moving away, but the same shot.  The Mcollough house did very well it seems.  It should, being concrete and all.  The Seagull 2 is visible in the far right.  Some houses can be seen in the back of the shot.  They all look like they belong there, and I don't think any are missing in this shot.  


This is the furthest shot east that I have.  

This is looking from the sound side, just to the west of the last set of pictures.  I think that some houses are missing on the Gulf side.  Does anybody have any pictures for reference?

Close up on 'tripple' house.  

This shot is really bad.  It's a second or two west of the above.  The 'tripple' house as I call it is left center.  The gulf can be seen at the top.  The unique looking A frame is the one with Big Bird on the door.  I think that some houses are missing in this shot.  I remember that there was not such a big blank along the gulf right there.  I just walked that stretch two weeks ago.

Moving more west.  I definitely think that something is wrong here.  This doesn't look right to me.

Moving west...

This shot is a little west of the one above.  Again, there is a blank to the left.  You can see that a lot of gulf sand has migrated inland.  I think some houses are missing. in the middle.  I have confirmed that the Bullen house is gone, and that they plan to rebuild.  The sand migration is evident.

Still further west, still looking from the sound side to the gulf side.  I'm not very familiar with this area.  The condos with the red metal roofs are coming into view on the right.

The 'red roof' condos.  I think that these are the Sunset Harbor Condos.  Somebody correct me if I am wrong.






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