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The early stages of planning our wedding were not easy.  The where’s, when’s and how’s were undecided and there were many ideas.  Andrea finally asked me, “What do you want?”  After mulling over this seemingly simple question, I finally responded, “Above all else, I want it to be easy.”  I’ve been to lots of weddings and other functions that weren’t easy.  Some of them were outright ridiculous.  After that, the quest for ‘easy’ was on.

Some things in the middle weren’t easy, but we have tried to arrange the wedding to be as easy as possible for our guests, the wedding party, and ourselves.  In every place where it was possible to eliminate something ridiculous or overly elaborate, we have done so.

The reception was proving to be very difficult.  Where to go, what to do, and how to do it was a debated topic.  Finally I said, “I don’t care.  We can have an open-pit bar-b-q and serve everyone burgers.”  Andrea said, “OK.”; so now we’re having a bar-b-q picnic for our reception.  This should be easy and fun while beating the pants off any fancy affair we may have tried to throw.  It also falls into the category of ‘easy’.

The marriage feast is a tradition dating from earliest times, and we saw no reason to ignore such a long-standing tradition.  Food has been a social event since Adam said, “This is at last flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones.  Now, where’s my dinner, woman?”  (This was also the beginning of the invention of the restaurant.)

While food is a sustaining necessity, the social traditions of food have been institutionalized since the beginning of humanity.  There have been gods and saints dedicated to food and cooking, and in one tribal culture in Madagascar, people do not get married to have children; they get married to have someone with which to share meals.

I have always found that formal dining is oppressive, and I’d rather sit comfortably, rest my elbows on the table, and not have to figure out which fork or knife I’m supposed to use.  I have always preferred setting where I am permitted to use my fingers and gnaw on the bone.  Cajun bar-b-q, while possibly inelegant, is comfortable and enjoyable.

Since cake is quite possibly the world’s most perfect food, we decided to follow this tradition as well.  Finding the right cake wasn’t easy, but after many tries (and Andrea’s eternal patience) we finally came upon the right combination of ‘looks good’ and ‘tastes great’.  I wanted old-fashioned wedding cake, which seems to be disappearing in favor of other flavors.  After many samples, Maurice’s Bakery finally agreed to bake our wedding cake to my flavor specifications, and decorate it according to Andrea’s instructions.

We have dispensed with everything else; throwing the bouquet, throwing the garter, and the money dance.  We feel that some of these traditions are demeaning, even if they are done in good fun. 

We hope our reception will be memorable, enjoyable, easy, and meaningful.  Something, in the dim future, to be thankful for the things we have had.   

shay_a033.jpg (33650 bytes)

Look Mom!  We're married!

shay_a037.jpg (34704 bytes)

Ed Goldman, The Bride, The Groom

shay_a036.jpg (45445 bytes)

Andrea, her father Jack, mother Virginia, and Shane

dara013.jpg (42444 bytes)

Shane's Mother Dara, Shane, Shane's Father Arnold, and Andrea

shay_a034.jpg (28711 bytes)

Jack & Virginia

shay_a035.jpg (47701 bytes)

Andrea's Brothers Jeff and Eddie

virg017.jpg (28873 bytes)

Jack and Jeff

e023.jpg (21976 bytes)

The Groom's Brother, Shawn, and Shawn's wife Becky.

c010.jpg (28464 bytes)

The 'Best' Best Man, Paul, and his wife (and our good friend) Wendy.  They provided lots of help before, during, and after the wedding.  Paul managed to get Shane dressed and kept him on time.  These people are Saints.  (And I don't mean football players.)

shay_a045.jpg (32716 bytes)

Isn't he precious?

shay_a044.jpg (51837 bytes)


f010.jpg (50970 bytes)

Doesn't that dress look comfortable?

g021.jpg (33099 bytes)


wendy_004.jpg (15037 bytes)

While it wasn't readily apparent, I had more than one 'best man'.  Here, helping with setup, is my second-best man, Steve.  Steve provided lots of support, and acted as chauffer in his 1950 Buick (pictured below).  He was responsible for getting the Bride & Bride's Maid to the ceremony on time.  (As well as keeping her from trying to escape.)

shay_a039.jpg (33937 bytes)

Steve & Cathy

d016.jpg (45026 bytes)

The Buick, known simply as 'The Buick'.

Another Best Man, Bob, and his wife Maggie.  They also stood with us and acted as sponsors.  Their help and commitment were irreplaceable.

k014.jpg (23998 bytes)

Shane & Bob

g010.jpg (28655 bytes)

Shane & Bob w/bubbles.

f016.jpg (34880 bytes)

Yet another Best Man, Frank, and his wife Josefa.  Frank was my problem solver.  They both provided support and were in charge of getting Ed (The Minister) to the service on time.  

shay_a041.jpg (24176 bytes)

Oo la la!

shay_a042.jpg (22432 bytes)


virg012.jpg (36578 bytes)

Ed Goldman, our Minister, another Saint.

f021.jpg (40950 bytes)

A private reflection.

shay_a040.jpg (32454 bytes)

I am the Walrus, Coo Coo Ki Choo.

virg019.jpg (56234 bytes)

The Groom signs the certificate.

f014.jpg (41798 bytes)

The Bride requires coaxing...

b016.jpg (40170 bytes)

The Brides signs the certificate.

b020.jpg (37638 bytes)

The Minister signs the certificate.

certificate.jpg (64302 bytes)

Finally, it's legal.

f009.jpg (43666 bytes)

The Best Man pours.

virg016.jpg (45700 bytes)


e025.jpg (45081 bytes)

Cake...  Quite possibly the world's most perfect food.

virg015.jpg (42303 bytes)

Cutting the cake...

virg013.jpg (28017 bytes)

'Let them eat cake.'

b008.jpg (31666 bytes)

Hey!  That's good!

e021.jpg (43226 bytes)

Cashio's put on quite a spread.

b003.jpg (36746 bytes)

Lot's of drinks & beer thanks to Phil & Kathy.

e018.jpg (36136 bytes)


e014.jpg (25751 bytes)

Andrea & Dara

c023.jpg (48013 bytes)

The money dance box.  The most tasteless idea we came up with.  Check back here to learn more about it.

f024.jpg (33954 bytes)

Shane by the flags.

e024.jpg (33307 bytes)

Dara & Gloria, the Groom's Grandmother.

g018.jpg (23506 bytes)

Shay Fafth, our good friend who 'volunteered' for photographer duty.  Much of what you see here is his work.  

b018.jpg (53417 bytes)

Video too!

g016.jpg (19155 bytes)

Giving Shay a break...

g022.jpg (38635 bytes)

Billy and Paulette, part of the indispensable 'crew'.

d023.jpg (39026 bytes)

Phil, Kathy, Stuart, Paulette, Billy, and Robert.

c024.jpg (46448 bytes)

Josefa reeling in Megan, Gayle and Bill Davis and their daughter, Phil, Pat, Billy, and Stu.

c017.jpg (23606 bytes)

Cassandra on the left, Eric on the right - say, who's that good looking one in the middle?

e019.jpg (46841 bytes)

Dara, Gloria, Becky, and Arnold.

d004.jpg (24044 bytes)

Learning some steps.

shay_a043.jpg (24216 bytes)

Pictures don't lie...

c015.jpg (21347 bytes)

Will, Shane, and Pennie

virg021.jpg (39342 bytes)

Stu & his 'naked' flag.  There were some comments about this one...

virg023.jpg (45619 bytes)

Kathy, Robert, and Wendy having a chat.

k023.jpg (26233 bytes)

The Bride, beautiful through the end.

k011.jpg (25836 bytes)

The Groom didn't fare so well.
Eventually, The party's over.

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